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Kevin Clouther is the recipient of the Richard Yates Fiction Award and Gell Residency Award and the author of We Were Flying to Chicago: Stories (Catapult). He is an Associate Professor at the University of Nebraska Omaha Writer's Workshop and Program Coordinator of the MFA in Writing.

Favorite Storyteller is a celebratory column. Storytellers create a video journal, share their work, offer a visual prompt for inspiration, and contribute songs to our Music for Humans playlist.  


Sharmila Seyyid is a writer and social activist from Eravur, in Sri Lanka’s Eastern Province.  In 2009, she founded the Organization for Social Development, a community-based organization in Eravur. She was forced into exile when she was barely 30 years old because of her work. Sharmila was awarded a prestigious IIE-Artist Protection Fund Fellowship (IIE-APF) and placed in residence with the Leonard and Shirley Goldstein Center for Human Rights (GCHR) and the Sam and Frances Fried Holocaust and Genocide Academy.

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