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whose bones are these?

by Ners Neonlumberjack |

"We have made great attempts to separate ourselves from the natural world. Only venturing into more wild areas when we choose. Of course, nature is still all-encompassing all the while. Dead things often frighten or disturb us. Removing our language in ways to limit our insecurities with what dead animals we eat, what dead trees we live under, and what animals we displaced or eradicated to call places home. Working on bone is one mere layer of paint away from the source. Taking our guard down to enjoy the beauty of the forms, and hopefully to start a reconnection of thought about what and why the work came to be.… Whose bones ARE these?"

small bones of varying sizes are painted vibrant colors.

| Ners Neonlumberjack was born in a tiny town in central Indiana in 1986, graduating from Herron School of Art and Design with degrees in Painting, Sculpture, and Art History in 2009.

socials: @neonlumberjack

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