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waiting for her

by Elizabeth Rose Wilson |

"Created in response to the Covid-19 pandemic, from the boredom of sitting on the couch during quarantine, to the realization that waves of loss were sweeping the globe. My paintings, drawings, and photographs illustrate the ephemeral nature of life and all of the “stuff, guts, joy, and grief” that it’s made up of. Natural settings connect us back to that from which we come, therefore, all artworks in the series ‘In the Garden of One,’ are a reminder that we are all part of one big energy mass. All connected. Layers of symbolism and representation. Layers of paint upon paint, paint upon drawing, drawing upon gesso, gesso upon canvas, the canvas upon the frame. Until one day the layers get peeled back, pulled apart, and put back into the earth to nurture that from which they have taken."

| Elizabeth Rose Wilson - Fine-Artist. Designer. Photographer. Instructor. A New Zealander based in Ann Arbor, Michigan. "Waiting for Her" is an artwork from the current body of work 'In the Garden of One,' 2023

socials: @elizabethrosewilson

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