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jaguar, but pronounce the "u"

by Adrian Kennedy |

I became the one thing I sought to destroy

A child?


A velociraptor

It eats people raw

Bones wet with blood and flesh

Like a Big Mac

Blood being the sauce

How gross.

In Catholic Church we drink gods blood

And we eat his body


How could we be so different than a velociraptor

If not even worse

Eating our savior


Don't think of it that way.

A wasp

It stings people

And it’ll never tell you why because it’s a wasp and it can’t speak


They can grow, just like anything.

You’re doing it again, you know you need to stop.

It’s a human

Who does very bad things

Who can’t be forgiven and doesn’t want forgiveness

That’s what they say


But I am also human

The apple must not fall far.

This hasn’t been helpful. I’m sorry.

| Adrian Kennedy is a writer whom chooses to remain nondescript. Their work, "To Face the Sun," has previously been featured in In Parenthesis online blog.

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