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clearing out my mother's home

by Rohan Buettel |

The gift not given joins others

at the bottom of the cupboard,

gradually accumulating,

awaiting the right time

to be brought out, the ideal present

for birthday, christening, Christmas.

The bunnykins bowl languishes,

mother rabbit washing bunny kids

in a large tub. Some out, some in,

some trying to escape, all the playful fun

of bath time, water and suds.

Bunnies scamper round the rim.

The bowl perfectly new

in a cupboard full of things unused,

bought in anticipation

of a grandchild never delivered,

still awaiting the right occasion

in a house now being emptied.

How do we value the gift not given?

| Rohan Buettel is an Australian poet who lives in Canberra and whose haiku and longer poetry appear in a range of Australian and international journals.

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