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issue 10

may 1

Terry Miller, Kalie Johnson, Rohan Buettel, Marie V. Recalde,  and Jennifer Weigel with new poetry, art, experimental, and collage.

Flip through/download the issue or read individual stories below.

clearing out my mother's home

Rohan Buettel POETRY 

The bowl perfectly new
in a cupboard full of things unused,
bought             in anticipation
of a grandchild          never delivered


Terry Miller POETRY

that’s one of the things it does
makes you think one thing

that leads to another thing
and soon the meadow is full

of flowers—all of them talking
at one time—writing their ideas

forget it, jake, it's chinatown

Marie V. Recalde COLLAGE

god seems smaller than the sun and the moon


The first time I saw the moon was in my father’s fingernails, the soft crescent hills of calico calcium reflecting the moon I later threw rocks at. I found my guilt in his fingertips

the hunt

Jennifer Weigel ART

TEN: Terry Miller, Kalie Johnson, Rohan Buettel, Marie V. Recalde, and Jennifer Weigel

NINE: Julian George, Will Neuenfeldt, Monika Galland, and Erin Olds

EIGHT: Wendy K. Mages, Janina Aza Karpinska, Ashleigh Rajala, Adrian Kennedy, Jack Bordnick

SEVEN: Ners Neonlumberjack, Zoe Antoine-Paul, Eliza Hayse, Kathy Bruce

SIX: LindaAnn LoSchiavo, Lisa Piazza, Elizabeth Rose Wilson, and Madison Summerville

FIVE: Travis Stephens, Rachel Dziga, Cat Dixon, Jake Quick, Tana Buoy

FOUR: Zach Benak, Gary Gillespie, Yvonne Morris, Ryo Kajitani, Matthew Ellis

THREE: Thomas Osatchoff, Donald Patten, Ruby Marguerite, Gaby Bedetti, Eleanor Claire

TWO: Anna Idelevich, Sandra Kolankiewicz, Molly McNeely, Lillian Lippold, J'atelier9

ONE: Laine Derr, Rachel Coyne, Steve Gerson, Kory Vance

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